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2 hotels and villas near Milano
Grand Hotel Barone di Sassj

The Grand Hotel Barone di Sassj is an island of quiet surrounded by urban facility. It shall welcome you in its refined balance between evocative elegance, classical and modern services. In contrast with the exterior…

Grand Hotel Duca di Mantova

Grand Hotel Duca di Mantova: the first resort not far from Milan. Located in an unique setting, close to the hinterland of Milan, sheltered from traffic noise, the Grand Hotel “Duca di Mantova”, a new…


Grand Hotel Duca di Mantova Piazza Francesco Caltagirone 40-48 Centro Commerciale Vulcano Sesto S. Giovanni, 20099 (MI) Tel.: +39 02 24989701- Fax: + 39 02 22477776 Reservations: Sales & Marketing: C&B: Generale: